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Wordless Wednesday

One Thousand Gifts

This has been a hard week or so. Lots of stress at work, down with a cold over the weekend, and it's planting season. And now someone turned on the sauna and it feels like mid-July.
This late evening shot of some weeds by the big old maples that line the ditch makes me happy. Right now, I'm grabbing the "happy" where I can find it.
76. our girl, home for the weekend, part of the family again
77. white baseboards (whodathunkit--me, a wood lover, with painted baseboards)
78. the baking skills of my mother and my mother in law
79. a hug and a prayer from mom--never too old to need a mother's love
80. the retreat of a cool basement
81. chocolate
82. strong coffee with cream and sugar
83. big old maples that line the ditch
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Soil Amendments

Soil testing is a must in our operation. It shows us what nutrients our soil needs to have added, based on what the crop needs. Some crops take out more of one type of element or mineral, and some crops actually add things into the soil, which is why we are careful to rotate crops on a planned schedule. But often, we need to fertilize in some way or another.

Most of the time we use compost as our "fertilizer". All compost is not created equal, and tests are run on compost, too--to see what each type has to offer.

But this year our soils showed a distinct need for potash, some fields more than others. In our effort to become certified organic, we chose to apply wood ash based on the soil test results. The wood ash is a byproduct of bio-energy production. (It's always nice to be able to put the by-product of something to good use, too.)
Since we don't own nifty equipment like this, we hired the spreading done. The application of wood ash was done a couple of weeks ago alr…

Happy Mothers' Day

Well, yes. I am a week late on this. But the photo is so cute, especially dolled up with daisies. And it was a very busy week, getting ready for the Fiber Fiesta. (By the way, we had a great time at the fiesta and met lots of wonderful people!)
So, indulge me. If you're a mom, Happy Mothers' Day, exactly 7 days late.

Fiber Fiesta!

Come and visit us this Saturday at the Michigan Fiber Fiesta in Greenville, Michigan. For more details and directions, click here.
We're in booth #27. Make sure you stop out and say hey!

Cattle Are Curious

A series of photos taken by our daughter...

Anyone want to write witty captions for these photos? Nothing's coming to me.

Disclaimer: No animals or humans were harmed in the taking of these photos.

One Thousand Gifts

Time is short; life is very busy right now. Before I dash off to yet another meeting, I'll post my list of things I'm grateful for. I need to remember.

69. weaving, even though I don't get the chance often
70. my job
71. the imminent return of snow-bird parents
72. the beauty of tulips
73. Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue
74. the privilege of voting
75. family
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What are you thankful for?