Saturday, June 9, 2007

Exhausting work

In case you think that farming is all fun and games, let me set you straight. In the last two days, we have "put up" approximately 1,200 small rectangular bales of hay. These range in weight from 40-70 pounds. The work was done by The Farmer (who stacked each and every one of today's 700 bales on the wagons), with an assisting crew of senior citizens, women, and children.

Thank the Lord that the 10 acres of hay laying drying in the field right now has been sold to another farmer, who wants it in large round bales. Large round bales do NOT have to be handled by the assisting crew at all.

Everyone is exhausted. The Farmer, who was relaxing in his chair, has been called out on a HAZMAT situation. He serves as an on-call firefighter in our township and also on the county's HAZMAT team. Bad timing. Sometimes these things go all night. I pray not this time...

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