Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sheep Shearing and Sorting

A good chunk of today was spent separating the male lambs from their mamas. We drove them all in the barn (they've been blissfully munching on our lush pastures for several weeks now) and sorted the larger boys out. This is WAY more effective and exciting than a workout at the gym. Though I tend to grumble a bit when misunderstandings arise...gotta work on that. If our sheepdog were actually a HERDING dog, it might help. But "this is my now."

Late this afternoon, the 4H lambs got their pre-fair trim job (a.k.a. shearing). This isn't the best photo of shearing, but it's the best of today's photos. Our shearer is a recent high school grad who travels all over doing flocks of all sizes. I asked him if he was going to continue shearing, and he responded, "Yes, for at least four more years!" He's headed off to college, and I suppose that's what he meant.

Shearing does not hurt the sheep. Occasionally, one will get nicked (like you might nick yourself shaving) and that of course hurts a little. It's their instinct to kick and fight at first, but they seem to calm down once they are on their rumps and the shearing begins.

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