Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sudoku and Spinning

The Farmer has a couple of things that he does for relaxation. He doesn't get much down time in the summer, but every so often I see him at the computer playing a Sudoku game. We also have a Sudoku board with tiles. Sunday he spent some time with our 12 year old son, J., working a puzzle together.

He also spends some of his down time spinning wool. He has an Ashford Traveller and an Ashford Country (for those of you who are into wheels), and has been spinning for about 2 years. For much of these two years, he worked with our Suffolk wool. Lately he's started spinning the wool from our Polypay sheep, which he says is much softer.

Last year he entered a skein in the handspun contest at the Michigan Fiber Festival and took second in the beginner's class. He plans to enter some again this year.

People love to watch him spin. I think the novelty of a seeing a man spinning makes everyone do a double take. We did an outdoor craft show near Christmas, and were blessed with warm temps (in Michigan!). He spent several hours demonstrating spinning and talking about wool. I was amazed at how many men stopped to chat. They asked all sorts of technical questions--they wanted to know how it worked!

A woman organizing a history day in our township called the other day to ask if I would demonstrate weaving. I wasn't home, and so The Farmer talked to her. I think she'll be getting a spinning demonstrator, as well.

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  1. I love spinning! Every year that I go to our county fair, I spend a looong time watching the spinning demonstration. Once one of the spinners let me try it -- I really loved doing it!

    Some day my dh will build me a spinner, he says. I sure hope so!


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