Friday, June 15, 2007

The Wedding Rug

This is the rug I made for a wedding tomorrow. (Photo below of work in process.) Somehow "The Wedding Rug" doesn't have the ring to it I'd hoped. LOL! Rugs are humble things--'specially the ones made from recycled clothing. Hopefully the gift will be well-received.


This has been a full week! Monday and Tuesday we put up 1200 hay bales. We have the sheep barn hay area full--ready for this winter. There's room in the 2nd story haymow in the big red barn, however, and The Farmer tells me the alfalfa is almost ready to cut again. Wednesday-Friday (and parts of Monday and Tuesday, as well) I spent on the seat of a tractor. Cultivating. The point is to break up the hard earth and kill the weeds. I'm learning. This is the first time I've ever cultivated. I killed a few corn and soybean plants along with all those weeds...

The reason I was able to be an almost-full-time farm hand is because one of my daughters was willing to be the mom this week. She did a great job of it, too--keeping the laundry system going, cooking and keeping the house clean. She even picked strawberries twice (with the help of siblings) and put some up in the freezer. I think I've worked myself out of a job with this one!

The Farmer had a particularly frustrating week with equipment breakdowns. As I followed him home yesterday--he dragging a cobbled-together haybine, and me following in the van with the flashers on--I prayed for adequate income so that we could work with decent equipment. Too much to ask? Perhaps. But today's corn prices hit $4.19/bushel--higher than I ever remember seeing.

Tonight's supper was hobo pies cooked over the firepit. We actually sat and watched the fire (as if it weren't hot enough!) and just visited. The Farmer mostly "visited" with the Massey Ferguson service manual--trying to determine what is wrong with the tractor today. But at least we were sitting together and not dashing off to accomplish some project or chore. Though after the kids were in bed, The Farmer headed off to milk for a dairy farmer who needed the night off. Does the work ever end?


  1. Love the wedding rug. Very timely, too -- you posted this on my and mydh's 22nd wedding anniversary. :)

    Love your blog -- keep it comin', k?

    And all the weaving -- some day I want to learn! :)

  2. Lona, I've been looking at this picture each time I visit your blog and just have to say it is BEAUTIFUL!!! And the picture of it, with the pink flowers in front is so gorgeous. What a lovely gift! You are so talented.


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