Monday, July 16, 2007

Hosting a Farm Tour

Yesterday we had a picnic at our farm for a bunch of sheep people. We enjoyed good food and good conversation. After the meal, The Farmer led those who were interested on a tour of the farm. He started with my little workshop. Saturday night, the kids and I put out yarn and roving on the shelves. We hung woven rugs on the rug rack. We filled a basket with wool cat toys. The crocheted purses were on display, as well as the mattress topper and comforter. We laid out a bunch of woolen socks on a table. And I started a roving rug on the new loom.

Boy, was that loom a hit! People enjoyed looking at all the things we'd made from our wool, but they literally crowded around the loom where I was weaving. Fun!

Here's a photo of the loom in the new workshop. (For a short history of this loom, read the post titled "A Home for Mrs. T's Loom".)


  1. Your farm tour sounds like it was very successful.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  2. Sounds like the farm tour and especially your weaving room were big hits! I would love to see your loom someday!


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