Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Settler's Day

Our little community held a special celebration on Saturday in honor of its 150th birthday year. We were asked (along with others) to demonstrate traditional arts. The Farmer and daughter R. are shown spinning wool here. T. is spinning on the Ashford Country, and The Farmer is using his Ashford Traveller. He let a few interested people try their hand at spinning on the larger, slower Country.

We had many of our wool products out to show what can be done with wool, as well as a wonderfully educational display board made by a dear friend.

I am busy weaving on my newest Union loom. The Farmer and I remarked that we were so busy talking to people that we almost never had a chance to talk with each other. I taught one interested young man the basics of weaving, and let him have at it for a while as I took a break. Behind me is the rug rack used to display my wares.

Many folks stopped and talked about their memories of a family member who used to weave. Or their memories of preparing "carpet rags" to bring to the local weaver. Some had no idea that anyone still did rag rug weaving. (By the way, anything woven using fabric is considered rag weaving--it derives its name from the fact that weavers used old discarded and worn out items to make into rugs.)

All in all, it was a satisfying day.


  1. Some day ... I will learn to spin and weave. I have always been fascinated, especially at our county fair each year. I hang out there for a looooong time each summer. :)

  2. Wish you were closer! We love to pass on our fiber addictions. :-)

  3. What a great day! How neat there was so much interest from others in your community. I would love to see your wares and watch you weave some day!


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