Monday, July 23, 2007

A Week at the Fair: Monday

Today was the first day of our county fair. Two of my children show livestock through the 4H program. This afternoon was the sheep show. We had a beautiful day for it; breezy and near 80 degrees. Both children won awards: J. won "rate of gain" for one of his sheep (having to do with how well his sheep packed on the pounds), as well as 1st and 3rd in his class for sheep quality. Notice the ribbons around the lambs' necks and the trophy on the ground in front.

S. won "rate of gain" for one of her sheep, as well as 1st in her class for sheep quality. She also won "showmanship" for her class. While the other awards have to do with the quality of the sheep, this award is more about how well she showed her sheep. Did she pay attention to the judge? Did she smile? Was she relaxed? Did she handle her lamb well? Could she answer basic sheep questions that the judge asked?

We of course are proud of both of the kids, whether or not they win awards. And, frankly, with such a small county fair, awards are easier to come by than if there were 50 others competing.

J. asked, after it was all over, if we would pick up pizza on the way home. "After all," he said, "We did really well today and I want to celebrate." His logic persuaded us.

I brought in vegetables to be entered in the "Farm Crops" portion of the fair. We co-garden with my parents, who live across the road from us. My mother and my daughter, R., helped pick the veggies this morning before we headed in. I snapped this photo of some of my goodies.

Fairs seem to be a dying breed. I am one of the few people who bring veggies in for judging. Or maybe it's gardening that's dying out. Either way, I stand a good chance at placing in several categories.

Each of us (except The Farmer) entered handmade items in the fair for judging. We all won ribbons for several items. I entered the twin to the wedding rug I made a few weeks ago. I had enough material prepared to make two rugs. So I gave one, and then made another, which I entered in the "Loom-Woven Rug" category in the Home Ec Department.

S. really took the prize, though with her self-portrait. Here's a photo of it, along with the ribbons that hang beside it in the "Best of Show--Youth" section. I think I need to get this girl in some art classes.


  1. Wow! Kudos to all of you Lona! That self portrait is really beautiful, and I love your veggie table. When we go to the state fair the food building is one of our family's favorites! Glad you got the pizza to celebrate!

  2. Lona,
    I am impressed. Your vegetable table looks great and you entered when few people bother. A great example to your kids! I am glad they did well with their animals. Art classes? Yes, a good option.


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