Monday, July 30, 2007

A Week at the Fair: Wrap-up

I had good intentions.

But I forgot how EXHAUSTING fair week is. Many days we spent hours at the fairgrounds. Many nights we arrived home, cleaned up and fell into our beds.

The week was a blur.

So now that I am somewhat recovered from the week, I'll attempt a summary.

Wednesday evening, all the animals were sold at an auction. The four sheep are headed for freezer camp. They sold for moderate prices. Enough to cover the expenses, plus a little. Mr. Cow (his real name) was purchased by us, and is now happily romping in the pasture with his buddies. When I understand why we had to purchase a feeder calf that we already owned, I'll explain it to you (shaking my head here).

Thursday night S. participated in the Super Showmanship competition. Those who won "Showmanship" in their class are invited to compete in Super Showmanship. Each participant has 2 minutes to show each animal (bunny, chicken, horse, lamb, dairy cow, feeder calf, goat, hog, and dog) and answer questions about the animal. Points are tallied. The lowest score is dropped. And the one who racks up the highest score is the Super Showman.

S. competed bravely, though she'd never handled a hog, dairy cow, goat, bunny or mini horse before. She "crammed" info about each animal ("What's the gestational period for a rabbit?"), and did her best. We were proud that she even finished--in spite of the crabby hog, the kicking bunny, and the biting horse. Maybe next year?

Friday night was the pizza party for the 4H participants--starting at 9:00 p.m. with games to follow. We headed home after the pizza and before the games. Just couldn't "go" anymore.

Saturday the kids helped to load the animals on the trailers and then cleaned their pens. Sunday and today we picked up our entries in the Fine Arts, Home Ed and Farm Crops sections.

All in all it was a satisfying week. And I'm glad it's done!

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  1. Wow, what a week Lona! Just reading about it makes me tired! Sounds very satisfying though, your dc all did so well.



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