Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do the Salsa!

Yesterday we turned some Roma tomatoes and peppers into salsa. We had a regular production line going--two food processors whining their high-pitched song, two soup pots full of bubbly salsa cooking. Red and green stuff splattered everywhere...

It's a nice job to have behind us, and I'm sure we'll enjoy the salsa all winter long.

Salsa -- 2007

8 cups chopped Roma tomatoes
4 cups seeded chopped sweet peppers
2 cups seeded chopped hot peppers
2 cups chopped onion
6 cloves chopped garlic
2 tsp. salt
1 cup cider vinegar
24 oz. tomato paste

Process all veggies in food processor. Mix all ingredients together in large soup pot. Cook together for 20 minutes. Put in pint jars and seal (15 minutes at 5# pressure).


  1. Good for you! We didn't get enough tomatoes off our plants this year to can, but we sure love eating them fresh. My dh has canned in the past, but I've never learned how and am always afraid I'll do something wrong and poison the entire family.... :(

  2. What a beautiful shot of your Roma tomatoes! I just love the pictures of your produce. I'm sure you will enjoy that tasty salsa all winter long!



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