Wednesday, August 15, 2007


No pretty photos today. I've been dealing with the consequences of my decisions.

You see, I've ditched dial-up and gone with DSL--for less money than I was spending on dial-up! To see if you qualify for AT&T's $10 DSL deal for new customers, click on "See if you qualify" under the Basic DSL heading.

In case that wasn't quite enough change for one week, we had to find a different place to host our company's website (through which we get our email). That wasn't too hard. But I have not yet found my way out of the maze of changes to all our software that this little switchero produces.

So, if my blog goes off line, my emails bounce and I or my family members don't get back to you like we normally would have, please forgive. We're stuck in a technological no-man's land.

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