Monday, August 13, 2007

A Horse Barn, Once Again

About a week ago, our son climbed on top of the little brown horse barn to right the weathervane, which had been misaligned for quite some time. I'm happy to say that South is South again. The little brown horse barn hasn't held horses for YEARS. Since we have lived here, it has been pressed into service mostly as a cattle barn. And cattle are hard on barns.

Soon we will need to work on restoring that little barn. Tomorrow afternoon, two horses will come to live with us. They will temporarily stay in a pasture next to the big old barn, while the cattle spend one more month in and around the little horse barn. When they head off to freezer camp, we will muck out the barn, repair the holes kicked in it and fix the leaky waterer. And the little brown barn will house horses once again.

These two horses are a dream come true for one of our daughters. You'll be hearing more about them in days and weeks to come, to be sure...

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