Friday, August 3, 2007

Peaches, Peaches Everywhere!

The Farmer's folks came home with 3 bushels of "seconds" peaches for us yesterday. We laid them out on newspaper on the basement floor (not touching each other), and proceeded to pig out on the softer ones for lunch.

Today we got out the canning jars, lids and rings, and put up 21 quarts of sliced peaches. We like to thicken the canned, sliced peaches with corn starch and eat them over waffles.


  1. Love the pic of all your peaches! What a good idea to spread them out, I have never thought of that. I have a bushel's worth in two boxes that are waiting to be canned, should I spread them out too so the bottom ones don't rot?


  2. How wonderful! So few people "put up" fruits and veggies in my neck of the woods -- Southern Cal just isn't that kind of place. But I do have a neighbor who cans wonderful applesauce every fall. :)

  3. Pam,

    Laying them out on papers prevents one mushy peach from adversely affecting its neighbor. If you have one going bad, it will spread its badness to the peaches around it (that's why we lay them out, not touching). The basement floor is cool, so that helps prolong their life. When I come home with a basket of peaches, I'll put a bunch in the fridge for eating later--but these must not be soft, mushy peaches. I'll use up the soft mushy ones right away. Then I'll can the rest in waves, as they ripen up. So YES! If you have someplace cool to spread them out, do it.

  4. Okay, thanks so much Lona. I have found a flat surface for the contents of one of the boxes, but need to spread out the second box as well. We were gone all day yesterday so I'm just doing my first batch today. I'm sure your advice will give me a bigger yield. Thanks again!


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