Monday, September 3, 2007

A Different Sort of Day

Work on our farm seems never to be done. But we try to do something different on holidays. Today we spent quite a bit of time in our upstairs "library", decluttering and getting it ready to be our new homeschool area. The "organizer ladies" took about a week to make a plan, and this was a large part of it. The living room will be a living room. The library will be where we homeschool.

We got a lot done (though there is much more to do), and while the kids and I were working up there, The Farmer attended to some home repairs that have been neglected.

After lunch, our oldest daughter came home for a short visit. It's S.'s birthday today, and it was nice to have the family all together for the birthday supper. When S. blew out the candles on her cake, I wondered what she wished for. Always, she has wished for a horse. Now that she has TWO, I can't imagine what she could come up with.

Before supper, The Farmer and A. decided to ride. Here are A. and S. saddling Skittles.

And here is A. on Skittles and The Farmer on Duke. Yes, A. was wearing a helmet while she rode. But here, at the end of the ride, she whipped off the helmet for a photo. Vanity...

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