Friday, September 28, 2007

Food Only, Please

Today we were told, yet again, that we were not "a good fit" to sell at a nearby farmers' market. Unlike other times, I pressed in. "But why?" I asked. "We are full-time farmers, deriving most of our income from farming. The wool products we would be selling are from our own sheep." And more. I'm afraid I did not make the market mistress like me very much today, due to my persistence. And I got nowhere.

I LOVE farmers' markets. But I think they should be renamed to "Food Markets".


  1. This seems so strange to me Lona. At our farmers market there is all kinds of other stuff besides food. I bought our daughter's colonial outfit at the farmer's market, go figure! I'm sorry for your frustration, and I'm afraid your Farmer's Market lady is shooting herself in the foot. Don't be afraid to keep asking. You know...the squeaky wheel gets the oil and all that.

  2. Hi! I found a link to your blog through the website, and am interested in local yarn. I see you have both millspun and handspun yarns. Would you mind sharing with me your specifics like yarn gague, skein put-up, and prices? Thanks!

    Amy in Grand Haven

  3. I agree, Lona! And I have a hard time why they would mind you there... it's not like you are going to be competing with anyone else.

    Elizabeth (aka Skylark)


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