Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pedicure Time for the Horses

Duke dropped a shoe a couple of weeks ago, so last week we had the farrier out to put them back on. First he had his hooves cleaned and trimmed:

Then each shoe was shaped to fit the hoof:

Then it was nailed on. The ends of the nails were nipped off and filed down. Or was it the edge of the hoof that was being filed? Probably both...

Skittles had her hooves trimmed at the same time. Both behaved pretty well.

I asked the farrier the standard questions that I always ask when the kids are around and listening:
1) Do you like your job?
2) How did you get interested in this?
3) What training did you need to get to do this?
Most of the time, people seem to enjoy answering these questions. I usually explain that I'm doing it for the kids' sake--to help them know what goes into choosing a good job. The farrier emphasized that it was important to choose a job that you love AND that pays well enough for you to live on. One without the other is not enough.

I love it when people help me homeschool my kids!


  1. I love your comment, "I love it when people help me homeschool my kids"! And what great questions to ask in front of your children. I'm going to borrow that if you don't mind.

    Love the pictures too!

  2. When I was a girl, we had two to three horses at any one time. Whenever the horse-shoer came by, we were always right there, watching and asking annoying questions. It's such a fascinating procedure to watch!


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