Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Work in Process

Today we started school. We raced through the basic things to be able to spend time organizing. The organizer ladies who came to help me with my mess (see earlier posts) suggested that we use our upstairs library (a.k.a. storage area for anything and everything) as a homeschool area. We spent quite a bit of time over the weekend purging and sorting. Today we worked hard, and were finally able to see the walls and floor.

These bookshelves had to be emptied so that we could move them (and vaccum and mop, while we're at it). Here's a very small part of what needs to go back on them. The girls decided to number the piles so that we didn't get confused about what went where.

Tomorrow we hope to put the rug back down, move a table up there and put the books back where they belong. Then I have a good day's work finishing organizing the homeschool closet. Yes, it looks neat now. But what you don't see is the card table still in the middle of the living room, with all the big binders stacked on it. More to do, to be sure...


  1. What a great idea your home organizers gave you! Up to now have you been schooling in the LR/kitchen? That will surely help cut down on clutter down there. I can only imagine the work involved in moving/cleaning/rearranging/creating a whole new room, but I'm sure your effort will be worth it!


  2. lona it looks great! way to go...i knew you were an organized chick. in addition to being creative, fun, nurturing, clever and an excellent canner.

    you go, girl!


  3. Looking good so far! I'd love to have a room dedicated to hs'ing -- right now we're in the living room (great room) which is handy in some ways and a pain in others.


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