Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Harvest Time

The heat has finally ended; we had record high temps the past three days. Now that it actually feels like fall, the guys headed out to combine a sample of the corn. They found the moisture level to their liking. It tested at about 21% moisture, which means we'll still have to dry it a bit to get it to the desired 15% level.

So, it has begun. Much of our former cropland is now pasture, so the pressure to get all the corn off before the rain/snow hits is not as great as it used to be.

After a summer with very little rain, we were surprised to find the first field yielding at about 100 bushels. We KNOW that there will be some fields that are pitiful, but this first decent yield was encouraging to us.


  1. What beautiful photos Lona! I'm so thankful the first yield was an encouraging high one!

  2. I'm thankful also that your first yield was encouraging! Have you had the drought up that far? It is horrible here. Many of the trees have looked like fall for weeks, even though the temps have been in the 90s... the leaves died and fell off weeks ago.

    Praying that the remaining fields exceed your expectations!

  3. Yes, Elizabeth. All summer we had virtually no rain. Late in August we were blessed with 5" in one week. I truly think that is what saved this year from being a total disaster (like 2005 was). The corn is really short, but it continues to surprise us with the yields. Thank you, Lord!


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