Saturday, October 6, 2007

Help Wanted

We are rather inept at marketing. Given that, and the fact that polls are fun, would you help us name our new color yarn?

The color IRL (in real life) is a bit less vivid than the photo looks. More muted.

This was naturally dyed using berries from a weed that grows in the edges of our fields and ditchbanks. We think it might be called pokeberry weed, but no one has done the homework yet. We used alum as the mordant and precooked the berries with a little sugar and cornstarch. They looked good enough to make into a pie. Perhaps I should have put that as an option--Pokeberry Pie.

Vote away. The poll is located in the sidebar on the right side of the screen. Please comment under this post if you have better ideas. And thanks!


  1. Hi Lona, your yarn is wonderful. Enjoyed looking through your blog,lots of good photos there, and information. Will check back often. and will vote for a yarn name,also.


  2. I like Pokeberry Pie for your yarn ... the poll wouldn't let me comment :).

    Another Karen

  3. Well, it looks like the paint I have in my kitchen which is Canyon Redrock. That though doesn't give it much of a farming/West Michigan feel to it though does it?

  4. Hi Lona, the yarn hanging on the line reminds me of red flannel underware / long johns hanging out to dry!!!

    Ruth Klungle

  5. I like pokeberry pie too! It just sortof "flows".

  6. The color reminded me of autum leaves just wonderfully warm looking. I like the Pokeberry Pie name, and maybe Pokeberry Harvest.

    I'll check back and see what you decide.


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