Friday, October 26, 2007

More Harvesting

We are now working on harvesting the soybeans of a neighboring farmer. The first photo is of the soybeans falling out of the gravity flow wagon into the receiving pit at the base of the grain leg. There is an auger underneath that brings the grain up into the grain leg (or elevator).

This is a photo of the grain leg (with a distributor and a catwalk at the top)--I shot this one looking straight up. You can see the stabilizing wires and the enclosed ladder for climbing.

The beans or corn then are brought to the top of the grain leg and routed to the correct bin. Hmmmm...forgot to take a photo of the bin. We are storing the neighbor's beans for him, so that he can sell them when he wants to.

While he was waiting for the beans to unload, the neighbor (J.) decided to take a look around from the catwalk (68 feet up in the air). The Farmer said later that he'd wished he'd known J. was going up there--he would have sent a grease gun up with him to lubricate all the fittings up there.

Here he is, waving.

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