Friday, October 12, 2007

A Year Ago...

I was recovering from a total hysterectomy. My family took very good care of me, and I've recovered nicely. No long-term effects, other than perhaps a bit of extra padding around the middle of me. Not sure whether to blame that on the hysterectomy or the baked goods that are ALWAYS in the cookie cupboard. I am SO GLAD that I had the surgery, though, as it relieved a lot of symptoms I was struggling with. And it was very nice to find out it wasn't cancer.

Just before my surgery, we took a week plus vacation to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. What a fabulous time we had, despite the fact that the kids wanted to hike miles upon miles each day and I COULD. NOT. KEEP. UP. (They will tell you I whined a lot.)

These were some of my favorite photos of the trip. If you ever get the chance to visit da U.P., do it!

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  1. Oh my goodness Lona, absolutely breathtaking photos!!

    Dh and I went to the UP once, before kids. It was magical.


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