Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The elves are busy

Whew! Gearing up for the upcoming outdoor market is consuming most of our days. Bits of paper, ribbon, wool, and stuff of unknown origin are scattered around the house. There are still paths to walk through the living room, but these are disappearing fast. Don't anyone tell the organizer ladies...

A sheep ornament:

And a woolly greeting card:

And the big OH NO of this week is that one of my looms is in the process of being rewarped (warping = putting yards and yards of string or warp on the loom in preparation for weaving tons of rugs), and one loom is completely stringless. In weavers' lingo, this is called a "naked loom" and is not something to be tolerated for very long. This leaves me with one functioning rug loom and a lighter duty table runner sized loom to weave on. Warping is a big project--one that takes several hours and a brain that's firing on all 6 cylinders. Neither of which I seem to have. And The Farmer, my able warping assistant, has been busy with daily chores and resurrecting a non-running tractor.

Maybe tomorrow.


  1. That card is adorable!

    I'm sorry about your loom. Do the market days begin the weekend AFTER T-giving weekend?

  2. Market starts the day after thanksgiving--"the biggest shopping day of the year". Fortunately for us, we don't have to open our booth at 6:00 in the morning. :)


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