Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Wasn't Going to Buy Anything, But...

Tonight I took the two younger children to our local Tractor Supply Co. (affectionately known as "TSC"). They each had gift cards burnin' holes in their pockets, and TSC is famous for putting their toys on sale after Christmas. I wasn't going to buy anything. I was just the chauffeur.

But there amidst the clearance Christmas leftovers, I found a treasure!

I was first introduced to Eric Sloane through homeschooling using Sonlight curriculum. Sonlight includes in their level 4 Science (corresponding with the study of American History) Sloane's Diary of An Early American Boy: Noah Blake 1805. I fell in love with his folksy, informative writing style, and with his fabulous illustrations.

It looks like this Weather Almanac is a reprint of a couple of his books published many years ago. And here's an excerpt from page 199:

"The true rural love of weather in America, along with its richness of folklore, seems to have diminished with the passing of individual farming. Farming has become a big business with little place for folklore, but a century ago farming was a way of life, a philosphy of living, rich with lore of the land."

Here's hoping we can regain some of that lore, with the help of my new book.

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  1. I love it when I find treasures unexpectedly! Enjoy yours. :-)


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