Friday, December 28, 2007

Sheep Shearing

I've neglected my blog in favor of our family togetherness during Christmas. Because of this neglect, I haven't told you about the upcoming sheep shearing scheduled for tomorrow. If you're local to us, you are very welcome to come out tommorrow morning, Dec. 29 to watch us shear. No, we don't do it ourselves. We hire a 19-year-old with a strong back and the right equipment.

Dress warmly, and in old clothing. After all, we shear in a barn! This is a working demonstration, and we will answer questions if we can between chasing sheep and huffing and puffing. Feel free to come anytime during the morning. Take the west-most driveway. We're in the long green pole building.

We'll also have our new on-farm shop open if you'd like to see what we make with our wool: wool-filled comforters and mattress-toppers, yarns and socks.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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  1. I wish we were local! We'd be there in a heartbeat!


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