Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why Follow Rules?

About a week ago, the Princess bought herself a new coat. She showed me at home a tag inside the coat that said:

We both shrugged, figuring it was something mysterious like the tags on bedding. Who removes those? Even me, the rule-follower, ignores that one.

A few days later we joined the throngs of shoppers in town. We split up, with the Princess and Beautiful going one way, and the Youngest and I going another. When we met up later, Princess told me she'd been setting off alarms everywhere--even going IN to stores.

Now you need to know that she blends in well, and likes it that way. To be singled out by a loud beeping noise and the attention of everyone in the store was horrifying to her! I watched it, as we were together in the last store. She turned many shades of red. One of the store's employees mentioned to her (after asking her a few pointed questions) that her coat might be setting off the alarm.

When we got home, she proceeded to remove the offending tag. Even when we don't understand why, it's a good idea to follow the rules.


  1. That's a funny story. On the sheep shearing thing. If you ever need a hand let me know. It's been a long time, but I bet it would come back to me -- like riding a bike.

  2. What a great moral to the story!

  3. You know I haven't come across that label yet, it would seem a better idea than the plastic theft devices that open holes in clothes, but it also is not recycable like those. BTW I remove the tags on everything even the mattress you can't imagine my delight when blouses, and undies went tagless. hehe..


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