Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Bitterly Cold Day

It's 8 degrees Fahrenheit right now, with a wind chill that's unprintable. Yet even on the cold days, the animals must be fed and checked. Because of the cold, we fed a little extra food and took precautions to ensure that the waterers don't freeze.

This afternoon, after the chores were done, The Farmer worked on taxes. I sure wish we'd elect people who would actually do something about taxes. I don't like the idea of taxes at all--especially income and property taxes. But if I have to pay them (and I realize I do), it would be nice if our tax code was understandable to the average joe. Something like:

total income x 4% = total tax due

I could live with that.


  1. I agree with your simplified version of the tax equation, but then the people who cheat the government wouldn't have any loop holes to help them. As for election people we don't we elect best of two evils and live with the consequences, I'm sure that the forefathers of this country are turning in their grave every two seconds. It's a shame and a sham to live IMHO the greatest country in the free world and we can't even feed our hungry, homeless and have healthcare that actually is "health care". just my $ 0.02.

  2. Sounds like I hit a nerve. :)

    Keep voting, even if it is just for the lesser of two evils. Maybe someday we'll get someone who'll actually listen AND do something about it...

  3. I could live with your tax code too Lona!

    Though for us, in our suburban situation, we are pretty happy with taxes the way they are. Last year we paid less than $500in income tax! We paid a lot more than that in property tax though.


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