Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Info on Handpainting

I'm glad to get the feedback and questions on handpainting. It really wasn't hard, and I will point you to two online articles that we learned from: here and here.

We did not use food dyes, because we had Jacquard Acid Dyes on hand. If you want to use Jacquard dyes, you'll have to find somewhere nearby or online to buy them--they are not available from the manufacturer. I like Jacquard because they are made in the USA, and the acid needed to set the dye is household vinegar. Not too toxic.

There may be books that also teach this technique (I'm sure there are). If you find one (the library is a great resource) would you let me know what you think of it?

I did list the yarn on etsy. I really want to keep it myself, but there will be more opportunities to dye (and there's plenty yarn!). I'd love to see that etsy store get up and running. So far, we've sold two items--a rag rug to someone in Pennsylvania and a cat toy to someone in Montana. Every little bit helps!

If you have more questions about handpainting, feel free to ask. We obviously are not experts, but we can share what we've learned.

Here are a couple more attempts with very different results.


  1. Beautiful Lona! I love the different colors. I'm praying for more Etsy purchases for you!

  2. I'm getting the bug LOL My hubby is looking at me funny. He says I haven't even gotten my sheep yet....Surely I can wait till then... Poor man!

    Your stuff is coming out so pretty


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