Thursday, January 31, 2008

The UPS Man is Here!

Tuesday we heard the sound of a truck in the driveway. Our delayed observation guard (DOG) started barking--it was the UPS Man! (Apologies to any UPS Women--our drivers have been exclusively male.)

We brought away one of those big bags of raw wool to have processed. Magically, what was returned to us was cleaned and combed. Some of it was even dyed!

The kids were eager to help unpack all these wonderful treasures. Here is all the dyed roving (for spinning) leaning against our couch.

We spent Tuesday evening rolling all the roving into 8 oz. balls, ready to sell. Here are a few of them, ready to go back in the bags.

We need to sell some of this before oldest daughter comes home from college for her next home visit...her nice big room is being taken over as a wool storage area. It has nothing to do with how much we love her--we're just so proud of her and love her dearly! But she's hardly ever home, and it's a nice big room...


  1. Sweetie, you can have your roooom baaaaack! Just give me a little notice, k?

    Love, Mom

  2. Gorgeous! What kind of wool?? You know I'm cleaning out my wool closet in preparation for spring! So there's room now!!! :D

  3. Breezy,

    It's polypay wool. Not as fine as some, but a pleasure to spin, nonetheless.

    I'd be happy to send you a sample for the cost of postage. Just let me know.


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