Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Felting Field Trip

We checked the sheep right after lunch and it looked like nothing was happening. Road trip! Time to go pick up our felt!

Suzanne Pufpaff runs a small fiber mill and specializes in making felt. She helped to design this felting machine. More info and better photos are available at her website. Check it out!

Anyway, we had asked her to make some felt yardage out of some of our Polypay wool. When we picked it up today, we got a mini-demonstration. Here she is loading the machine with combed batts, encased in a net bag and then wrapped in a sheet.

The Farmer had to get involved. Anything with moving parts...

Here is the finished product. Now the fun begins for us!


  1. Super Kewl, wow what an interesting process. So whatcha gonna do with the felt? I can't wait to see.

  2. Dunno, Deep.

    We've made lovely felted vests before, but this batch of felt is not dense enough for that. In fact, we tried making pillows out of it the other day. Washed them on gentle in the machine, just to be sure. They didn't survive.

    So whatever it is, it has to be bound to something else to provide a bit of strength. It's lovely stuff, though!


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