Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reason #579 Why I Love Where I Live

Today I went sledding with the kids in my free time. I did NOT take these photos today. I took them on Snow Day # 2 (we're up to Snow Day # 5 or 6). I was out and about early that day, and it was such a gorgeous morning that I quickly got the camera.

While I was appreciating the view through the camera lens, The Farmer was busy clearing the driveway. Ususally, he uses the large tractor for this cold job. But it was broken that day (PTO shaft troubles, for those of you who want the details). So he used one of the smaller tractors, and bundled up.

Mornings like this are Reason #579 why I'm glad I live at Shady Side Farm.

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  1. Beautiful pics again Lona! I love the close up one of the tractor.


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