Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shearing Day Photos

We do not do the shearing ourselves--we hire a 19-year-old with a good back. He's paying his way through college. He earns every bit of the money we pay him. Anyone who says kids today don't know how to work has not watched this guy in action.

No, it does not hurt the sheep. It's like your son getting a buzz-cut in the summer. Closely cropped. Once in a great while, one will get a nick (like when you're shaving). But if anyone tells you that shearing sheep is cruel and inhumane, they are wrong.

Here's one, freshly-shorn. The bluish green crayon mark on her head means she has been vaccinated for tetanus. This happens pre-lambing so that the ewe and the lamb(s) both get the benefit from the vaccine.

This is my job--spreading out the fleece (which comes off all in one piece and stays together if I'm careful) on a wire table, dirty side up. I talked to the kids (when they turned up their noses at how dirty the wool was) about what would happen if they wore the same clothes and never took a bath for a whole year. They got the point.

I then removed as much manure and hay as I can and wrapped it up, clean side out, to be put in the wool bags. See how gorgeous it is on the inside?

Here is a young man (perhaps 7?) who is learning to spin. We arranged for someone to demonstrate spinning for the visitors to our shop. One of our daughters also manned the shop. She showed anyone interested the basics of spinning.

All in all, it was an exhausting and productive and successful day. Congratulations to Angie, who won the grand prize of a pair of our socks!


  1. Love the "nekkid" sheep. How funny is that?

  2. Absolutely loved the photos! If I ever get out your direction, I'd love some spinning lessons! It fascinates me....

    Loved seeing all the great stuff in your shop. Did you sell much?

  3. LOVE the photos Lona! I would just love to leisurely idle through your shop!

  4. Great pics, really interesting process, I too like the nekkid sheep really cute. The shop looked awesome.

  5. Susanne -- We did sell quite a bit that day--from raw fleece to roving to quilt batting. It was a good day.

    Pam and Susanne -- You know you are welcome, anytime.

    Creative -- Thanks for the kind words!

    Magnolia -- Always the animal lover, eh?

  6. My family really enjoyed spending time on your farm. I've started spinning some of the roving that I picked up and I love it. Not sure what it is exactly... it was some of the blue/green combo that Rose was spinning. I did get some pictures as well if you are interested in seeing them. www.flickr.com/photos/muddfamily. Thank you so much for sharing with us and we would love to know when you will be doing it again! ~Erica


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