Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Stuck Truck

Today we received a small shipment of baby chickens. Why they had to send the little peepers on a full-sized semi during yet another nasty winter storm, I will never know.

Here is a photo of the truck trying to maneuver his way between two very close buildings on a curvy driveway. He was empty, and couldn't get going on the ice. He was desperate to get out of here, as the weather was worsening, and he had a long haul ahead of him.

The Farmer hooked the large tractor to the front end of the semi and pulled enough to get him going. But everytime they stopped to unhook the strap, the semi would be unable to start up again. Rehook. Pull some more.

Rehook. Pull some more. The Farmer ended up pulling him all the way out the driveway and down the road a piece. (I'm really not from the South--I just like how "down the road a piece" sounds.)

Here they are unhooking for the final time, 30-45 minutes after the initial spinning of tires.

Global warming, my foot.


  1. Oh dear I know this feeling all too well!

    Well, I know it from inside the house! LOL

  2. Yup, life happens. Good photographs.

    We were blessed yesterday by a helpful Farmer just like yours, who came and blew 2 feet+ snow out of the driveway. In agreement with your global warming comment; I've LOVED this winter.

    BTW, I like your lamb count! I'll be keeping up-to-date, for sure.

  3. Well, I can attests to global warming, cause it hotter than heck down here @ 87 degrees I can fry an egg on the asphalt, and it's giving us tropical disturbances. I have to tell you if NOAA says they're extenting the Hurricane Season, I'm packing and I'm outtahere!! Please send me some snow!!

  4. Pulling a truck with our tractor is something I've had to do a lot too. Glad it worked and the truck didn't end up in the ditch or something!


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