Saturday, February 9, 2008

Winter Walk

I don't get out much. And my pedometer reflects that. This week, I decided that 10,000 steps in a day is a bit too lofty a goal for a winter-bound homemaker. So I'm aiming for 5,000 steps a day--and I've got a little chart that I check off when I actually do it. What can I say? Some people work for gold stars...

Today it actually got to be above freezing here. Too warm for cross country skiing. So I took a walk. On top of the snow. I like my new snowshoes!

Here's our fencerow, looking north. See the nice clouds? Cold front coming through tonight. They predict wind chills well below 0 degrees F tonight and tomorrow.

Here's a shot looking northwest. We put up the grain "leg" when we moved here. As with almost all of our stuff, it was purchased used, refabbed, and given new life here. See the nice new green paint job on the pole barn? The Farmer's parents did that in the summer of 2006.

And here's why, when you ask, I'll tell you I like snow. Seems like a major pastime in our area is whining about the snow. But in the winter, we have two choices: snow or mud.

I'll take snow, any day.


  1. Nice snowshoes! How are the chicks doing? What kind did you get? Hope they are okay, after all the trouble with the driveway. Cool photos of the tractor pulling the semi.

  2. The chicks are doing well. They are standard Hylines (white birds, white eggs). Fortunately for them, they were safe in the coop when all the fun with the semi was happening.

  3. Love the snowshoes! I also love the picture of the fence row - you are becoming a really good photographer! (or maybe you always were and just have more time to post photos now since you're virtually snowed in) :-)


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