Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Birthday Gift

Yesterday was our son's birthday--his 13th. Now I am the proud mama of 4 teenagers!

For his birthday, our son's sheep presented him with triplets. First thing in the morning. This is the beginning of the second wave of lambing--the white-faced Polypays. How fitting that our son's sheep should lamb first, and give him triplets besides.

Happy birthday, son. Happy Birth Day, triplets.


  1. What a sweet picture of the triplet lambs!! Happy Birthday to your ds!

  2. Love seeing the babies. Around here I have to go to a "fake" farm to see them. ;)

    Happy Birthday to your ds.

  3. Cute picture and what a great present!

  4. WOW!! triples, what a great gift. Happy Birthday to your DS.


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