Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Rest for the Wicked

This is a saying that floated around a lot in my family of origin.


The Farmer has the flu. The work doesn't stop.

The Tigris, Euphrates, and the Nile are flowing across my basement floor.

Rumblings in the world outside of our farm continue:

  • Legislation that would make it harder to drill for water on our own land.

  • Court rulings in another state that require homeschooling parents to be certified teachers.

  • Crazy people running for president and crazy people voting for them.

  • A case of scrapies found at a nearby goat farm.

  • The news that an aid worker and her driver kidnapped in Afghanistan are probably dead.

So what do I do about all this? Bake cookies, eat a few, and finish crocheting a set of dishcloths:

And spend the WHOLE evening on the computer and the phone, launching a committee to oversee an annual homeschooling event in May.

No rest for the wicked.


  1. Yep, this California Girl is quite concerned. I have a Master's degree, but that doesn't cut the mustard here as far as being certified -- plus, I would have to be certified in BOTH elementary and secondary eduation in order to home school my kids.

    I know that HSLDA will fight this tooth and nail, but it's still rather nerve-wracking when one out-of-control judge can cause so much mayhem....

    I hope the Farmer feels better soon and that it doesn't spread among the rest of you....

  2. Oh, Lona, your day and your worries sound very much like my own today ;/ Only in our case it has been bronchitis and I am the one who has had it and those rivers were running through my barn not my house (that is good, right?) - LOL!

    Anyway, I hope you all stay well, too, and that your husband feels better soon!

    Cary at Serenity Farms

  3. (Lona),

    I hope things have gotten better - the Farmer's health, cessation of the rivers, etc.

    What homeschooling event are you working on? We don't have anything up here. The only event we get to each year is the INCH convention. Hope you're getting all the help you need!


  4. Update:

    The rivers are still flowing (thank the Lord for sump pumps!), The Farmer is still sick (though I think a BIT better today), and I am preparing for a track and field day. In May.

    Debbie, you need to move closer to me so you can come to more events! And to my house for coffee!

  5. saw your link off of SL. I'm in Cali and seriously debating about hs'ing part time at my parents just to avoid what the future may entail! Will wait to see though. Love your blog!


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