Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stimulus for whose economy?

Everyone's talking about it--the check from the government that will solve all our problems. Our dentist called it "The Promise," but he said it with a smirk on his face. Apparently dentists can see holes in logic as well as the rest of us. Except for governmental officials, of course.

Where's this money coming from? Are we just printing more? When the dentist and I discussed "The Promise," I commented that I should probably use the money to buy braces for my kids. They (and any future grandkids) are going to be paying the price for this silly idea for years to come--they might as well get the benefit.

Since it's a done deal, and no amount of my whining will change the minds of the powers-that-be, may I make two suggestions?

If you have debt, pay it down. I know it will not stimulate the economy in the way that the government had hoped. But a stimulated economy built with debt is still a house of cards.

If you don't have debt, good for you! Go ahead and spend it; our economy needs stimulating. But please don't buy some silly doo-dad that's made in China, or you'll mostly be stimulating China's economy. Think this through. Hire a local plumber or carpenter to fix or upgrade something in your house. Buy a share in a CSA, so you'll have fresh veggies all summer. Invest in necessary orthodontia. If you must buy some doo-dad, try to find something that's made in the USA. There's precious little that is anymore, but try.

As for me, I wasn't kidding. I'm going to spend it on this.


  1. Very good thoughts Lona. We're using ours for debt reduction.

  2. I don't think dh has made his wish list yet.
    On mine is curriculum and hoping to support my local wool farm.
    good thoughts.


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