Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Triplet Trouble

Two of the three birthday triplets are doing well. Their mama is a bit standoffish, but has accepted those two well enough. The littlest triplet, however, is a different story. He has been rejected by his mama.

We tried and tried to get him over the hump. We'd lock the mama's head in the headgate of the pen to hold her still. He would drink and drink and drink. He wasn't getting it any other time.

We'd let her loose when he was finished, and she would ram him into the wall. She was either ramming or ignoring, and it was very obvious it wasn't working.

So, he has become a motherless bottle baby. For the first couple of weeks, these lambs need to eat several times a day. And night. So The Farmer is setting the alarm for 2:00 a.m. and heading out into the cold.

I told him that I did my time taking care of babies when our children were little. Because of the form of feeding we chose, he wasn't much help for those middle of the night feedings. So he gets the joy of sleepless nights now...

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  1. Oh, so sad this little lamb was rejected by its mama! What makes a mama sheep reject her lamb? But soooo funny about the Farmer and the middle of the night feedings! Since it's your ds's lamb, shouldn't he be feeding in the middle of the night?


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