Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday -- Frosty Morning


  1. those frosted tulips look sooo lovely...did they survive the frost? My sissy in MN said it totally killed all her tulips. :(

    I have three...well 2.5 that the deer spared, and they just opened this week. The half one looks rather strange with very odd (toothmarked) edges on the blossom.

  2. These photos are just gorgeous! I especially love the sheep!

  3. Nice photos, wishing the tulips were up, here. The cats look very content, too.

    Kids and fiber, what a fun combination. Bet they all had a blast!

  4. gemstatemom--the tulips are fine. It wasn't that hard a frost. Now annuals? That's another thought entirely, and frost is why we don't plant delicate annuals until at least mid-May.


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