Saturday, May 3, 2008

Farmers' Market

No photos today--in all the rush and packing we left the camera home.

Today we spent several hours at the Washington Square Farmers' Market. It's a brand new only-2-weeks-long market, before the real market starts downtown.

The Farmer took his sock knitting machine along to entertain visitors. He met people from Cape Cod, Massachusetts (had to see if I could actually spell that).

I enjoyed talking with people. One of my favorite encounters included the little girl who begged her daddy for a ball of roving after stroking it like a cat. I mentioned to him that the feed costs for a ball of roving were less than for most other pets. He didn't bite.

But the one encounter that especially sticks with me is the husband who kept running different skeins of yarn back to his car for approval. He explained to me that his pregnant wife was on extended bedrest, and they were just out for a drive this morning. She loved to knit and so he wanted to get her some yarn...

And in other news, our oldest is home from college. It's great to have her home again, though for the longest time today I knew she was home only due to the trail of stuff leading up to her room.


  1. Shame on Stingy Daddy, he may have quelched a future fiber addict oh excuse me, designer. Extra kudos to the hubby running to the car that's true love.

  2. Is your oldest home for the whole summer now?

  3. No, Pam. She's home for a few weeks (driving to school to take a May term class) and then heads off to camp for the summer again. This year she'll be a counselor instead of a maintenance girl.

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