Friday, May 16, 2008

A Good Day

Even farmers and homeschooling moms need a day off once in a while. The Farmer and his amazing assistant (not me) worked like crazy men and cleaned out the chicken coop in 3 days flat this week. A new record.

  • Baby chicks are due in next Tuesday and Wednesday, and we're ready.
  • The sheep are mostly done lambing, and are all feeding themselves out in the lush pastures, cutting down on sheep chores considerably.
  • Due to regularly scheduled, abundant rains, the ground is WAY too wet to till/plant.

Even though there is always more work to do, we were given the gift of a day off by our family. Both sets of grandparents held down the fort, organized field trips for the kids, and even cleaned my kitchen and mowed the lawn!

We used the day to go to Zeilinger Wool Co. in Frankenmuth. We picked up our order of wonderful Polypay roving and Suffolk quilt batting. We discussed our next batch of yarn (sock yarn for The Farmer's new toy) with the capable yarn technicians. We visited with friends mid-state. We stopped to buy antifreeze for the van and determined that our water pump is shot. We shopped at a yarn store on the way home and bought wool warp for my weaving.

Tomorrow we'll be back at it--moving sheep to the new pasture, cooking and doing laundry, and planning for the moment it's dry enough to plant. But today was a good day.


  1. What a wonderful day Lona! I'm so glad you and the farmer could have a day off like this. Both of you have wonderful parents!

  2. Sounds like you did have a good day, and well deserved ;)

    I have been working on my socks from the yarn I bought from you, writing a pattern specifically for it! Though I haven't got the pattern just right yet - grin - promise photos when I do!


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