Monday, May 19, 2008

Socks that Rock

Saturday evening The Farmer worked on cranking out socks on his sock machine. He used some of the yarn we purchased from fellow Etsian Grasshopper Handmade recently. (An aside: I have no idea why or how etsy shop owners come up with such creative names for their shops.)

Here's the first sock in process, with the scrap yarn (mint green) that joins all the socks together into one long tube.

He ended up with four socks and a little yarn left over. It's always nice when he gets an even number of socks from a skein!

This is one of the socks, finished. The color is truer in the photo above.

Why are we buying sock yarn when we have plenty of our own wool in all different forms? Because the sock knitting machine is cranky, that's why. It needs a very lightweight yarn, and we have four different sizes of yarn--all too heavy. We brought some raw wool in to Zeilinger Wool Co. in March and placed our order for sock yarn, but it takes about 6 months from order to ship date.

Watch for us to list a few new Socks that Rock in our etsy store soon.


  1. See, I knew The Farmer was /has a special kind of crazy.
    those socks look very cool.

  2. Yay! Those are great socks. And I rarely ever get to see anything made with my yarn, so this is very exciting. Thanks for letting me know.


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