Thursday, May 8, 2008

Weaving as Therapy

Today was another crazy day on the farm: homeschooling, loading chickens out, hosting coffee (a daily "recess" ritual that encompasses our immediate family, as well as assorted grandparents, neighbors and fertilizer salesmen), meals, composting, phone calls and laundry.

My mother in law stopped in the house during one of these Grand Central Station moments bearing a plastic shopping bag full of pieces of a former rug. I noticed when they returned from the deep south (they are full-time RVers) that one of her throw rugs was coming apart. I offered to reweave it for her, and promptly forgot about my offer.

Her offer was cooking for weaving. Man, what an offer! I'll choose weaving, anyday.

Thump, thump. Step the treadle down. Throw the shuttle. Thump, thump. Step the other treadle down. Throw the shuttle. Thump, thump. There is a mindless, quiet rhythm that soothes my weary mind.

I've often joked that weaving is cheaper than therapy. The truth is, weaving is my therapy.


  1. I completely understand the the concept of weaving therapy, some other weavers don't think of it as relaxing, but I do. I calms my spirit and if a free meal is the compensation then weave on!!

    Full time RVer's that must be really interesting.

  2. Hi Friend!
    I was just looking with envy at the pic of your fully warped sectional beam! (Mine is almost empty!) So tedious, the re-warping and re-knotting! I didn't know you were such an accomplished photographer along with your many other talents. Your pictures are very beautiful and many should be framed! :) Have a lovely week!
    Works of Heart Mom

  3. I love to crochet and find a lot of comfort sitting and creating something from a skein of yarn. I found you through Melanie's blog. I could so see me crocheting something for a meal :)

  4. I would love to see you in action some day Lona! I think my family needs to take a field trip to your farm.

  5. Ahh... the cost of therapy! I'm not sure my fabric stash came cheap but it is delightful!!

    Hope you have more weaving moments soon!


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