Sunday, June 8, 2008


We've had a wild day. About 24 hours ago, I was mowing the lawn and The Farmer was cultivating corn. The weather experts predicted severe thunderstorms and perhaps tornados. It began about 8:00 with winds and heavy rains. We lost power by 9:00 pm, and our generator kicked on automatically. We watched for a while, checking to make sure that everything was okay, and headed for bed. 

Before we fell asleep, the power went off again--the generator had quit. We grabbed flashlights and headed out to see what was up. A hose had blown, spewing coolant fluid everywhere. The engine then overheated and quit. We struggled to repair the hose and reattach it (all by flashlight) and then ran to an outdoor faucet (the closest one) to fill the coolant system up with water, a jugful at a time.  We prayed and hit the manual start button, and were ever so happy to hear it roar to life. These all would have made great photos, but when life happens I sometimes am too busy to grab the camera.

This morning as the Farmer did chores and assessed the damage, he did not forget to grab the camera. Here are photos of our fields from the top of our grain leg. Rainfall was estimated to be at least 5" in the course of a few hours.

This afternoon we received more rain. Here's a photo of the front moving through. 

We are happy that we didn't lose anyone at Shady Side Farm. There were a couple of human fatalities to the south of us, and many people are dealing with wet basements, flooded yards and stuck cars. We will wait to see if the corn fields will dry out quickly enough for the corn to survive. Depends on the weather, I suppose. And they predict more of the same...


  1. Hope it dries out and SOON. I read yesterday that average rainfall for June is 2-3 inches. We got that in under an hour. 8+ inches of rain in just a few days is not fun.

    Keep us posted. Our horses do not like slogging through the muck and water to get anywhere.

  2. So glad you all are ok. We've had some wild weather as well. The roof of our chicken coop was blown 100 feet and we've lost several trees, not to mention a soggy basement. And it doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. Of course, come late summer, we'll probably all be praying for rain! Too bad it can't be more even spread out!

  3. Thanks, Gina. Sounds like you've had enough adventure, too. I am in full agreement with you on the need to spread out the weather a bit!

  4. Oh Lona... I didn't know! I switched to an RSS feeder and haven't had any updates from your blog. I thought you'd been too busy and it never occurred to me that I did something wrong when I set up the feed.

    Will be praying for the weather to improve!


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