Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Self-sufficiency, garden-style

Usually we have the garden planted by Memorial Day. Our garden plot is low and wet, and so is one of the later fields to dry out enough to till. And in Michigan, we get these late season frosts that make us rethink planting tender shoots in early May. It has happened that we've planted in early May. But not often. 

The Saturday before Memorial Day was Garden Planting Day this year. We seeded beans, corn, and carrots using our handy-dandy seeder. By hand we planted hills of squash and cukes. Using a little recycled spice shaker, we planted lettuces and all sorts of weird things for the fair and for fun: okra, kale, swiss chard, kohlrabi, turnips, etc. 

We planted tomato and pepper plants, purchased from a greenhouse, as well. We're going to have a bit of trouble with grassy weeds in the garden this  year. 

I was on 'tiller duty. Here's what I look like after 'tiller duty...

"Mom? Mom, are you okay?"


  1. I love it! Hope you recovered from tiller duty fairly quickly. :-) I thought of you today as I FINALLY got "my" half of the garden reclaimed from the weeds and partially planted. Will finish planting tomorrow afternoon. Then we will weed out the dc's half of the garden so they can plant to their hearts content. At this rate it will be late July before we are harvesting anything, but oh well.....better than a garden full of weeds as in previous years!


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