Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two Thousand Two Hundred and Sixteen

We put up 1,016 bales of hay Thursday evening. We had a wonderful crew of 12, with a support staff of 1 (keeping us hydrated and fed and supplying us with ice cream at the end). 

We put up 1,200 more (an estimate, as the bale counter broke) last night. Seven hours of last night, that is.

We have never, ever, EVER put up this much hay in that short of time. Ever. 

We should feel extremely sore and lucky to be alive, and we do. We should feel extremely fortunate and satisfied with our work. And we do. But the fortunate and satisfied feelings are diminished somewhat by the sound on the roof just now, in the middle of the night. For, you see, it is raining. And there are two more fields of hay cut and waiting to be baled...


  1. I'm sorry about the rain. Was a little bothered about it myself.
    Congratulations on getting so much hay done, in such a short time.
    LOVE the new look. (Not that your old one was bad. lol)

  2. We are playing the hay waiting game here. Hay was baled yesterday by the hay guy. We were told he would deliever last night. Baling took too long so he was to deliver this morning early. Thankfully hay was inside during the rain over night.

    This morning we all get ready to have hay delivered and trailer has a flat tire. Hay guy fixes the flat tire. By that time it is raining again so my friend calls him to say NOT to bring the hay as wet hay can mold or if it is really wet spontaniously combust in the barn.

    Now we will wait and hopefully get some of the hay he is cutting on Monday.

    I have NEVER paid so much attention to the amount and timing of rainfall. Now that I am paying for the hay I pay much closer attention. My friend where we board is responsible for ordering it and scheduling delivery. We are just the manual labor to unload the hay, carry it in the barn and restack it.

    We are only doing 400-500 bales this year. I can't imagine 2,216 bales of hay.

    When does your VACATION start?


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