Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Water Update

Life is returning to normal. The sunshine came back today (finally), and the only reminders of this weekend's weather event are the articles in the paper and the still-flooded fields. The Farmer has located some more corn seed, and so we wait for it to dry out enough to replant, though we wonder if it's too late already...

In the grand scheme of things, wet hay and flooded corn don't matter all that much. But you may be able to relate if I told you that losing our corn crop is like losing a couple of months of your annual paycheck. Feel it? You betcha. Boat-sinking? Depends on the year, and your savings and whether or not you're willing to get a job delivering pizzas  at night to make up for the loss.  

The Farmer made the ascent to the top of the grain leg again late this afternoon to snap these photos. Notice the improvement over Sunday's photos. Notice that the improvement is slow. 

Yesterday I called our drain commissioner. He was out assessing the damage (good for him), and so I talked with the receptionist. 

I explained that I understood that this weekend's weather event was very unusual. I explained that I understood that it might have been so unusual that nothing would have helped. And then I told her to relay to the commissioner this fact: that it is hard for us to stomach that our fields are flooded and the main drainage ditch is not draining in light of the fact that he had scheduled a cleaning for that drain for this spring. "If," I said, "that drain had been cleaned out as scheduled, this might not have been this bad." Then I told her to thank him for his work and left my phone number and name. I have not heard from him. 


  1. We are wondering too, if drains needed clearing by us. One son and dh mentioned it this summer or fall i believe.

  2. Grrrrr....

    Of course, in our neck of the boonies we have to clean them out ourselves. LOL. I always know it's time when the backyard floods. :p (It has never occurred to me to check them BEFORE the rains.)


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