Saturday, June 21, 2008

What Next?!

Just in case we weren't tired enough after our hay-a-thon...

Our next door neighbor was up in the night, feeding her newborn baby girl, when she saw our cattle on the lam. Headed east, her husband told me over the phone. They were indeed headed east, and had trotted down the road about 1/4 mile. Fortunately, we don't live on a busy road.

Did you know that you can't really see ditches very well in the dark, despite flashlights and a full moon? Fortunately for us, one of the steers found the ditch before we did. 

The Farmer is even now fixing the fence where they made their escape...

What next?

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  1. Oh Lona! 2,216 bales!?! WOW!!!

    Our hay is cut and waiting to be baled, too. As the "scattered showers" keep scattering on us ;/ At least it hasn't been raked yet, so hopefully will be okay.

    I blogged about hay today, too ;) Looking back through my archives, I find most June has a post about haymaking.

    Hope you are well otherwise and the waters around the farm continue receeding.


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