Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

The first couple of days right after vacation are usually busy for everyone. It's the same with farm families.

The Farmer is cultivating or harrowing almost daily right now, to keep ahead of the weeds. Once the weeds get an upper hand, it's all over. This is our second year of cultivating instead of spraying the weeds. It's definitely a science and an art. Especially as half the field drowned out and needed replanting. You cultivate baby plants differently than you do larger plants. The Farmer ended up cultivating only the older corn and beans. So he rode down half the row with the cultivator down, and then lifted it up when he got to the new plantings and rode to the end of the rows. Turned around and reversed the sequence. Our good friend Joe didn't mention these sorts of situations when he told us how to make the switch from spraying to mechanical weed control...

While we were on vacation having fun, the bills continued to come in. So yesterday I spent a couple of hours catching up with both personal and farm books.

We decided to enter, last-minute, the Washington Square Art & Antiques Market (Saturday, July 12) and another show in October. So I filled out paperwork and mailed it in.

The Critter Barn is testing our little composter. Before the Farmer delivered the composter, he needed to fix a door on it. Sometime soon I'll blog about our composting system. 

I have the opportunity to reweave a bunch of rag rugs for the cabins at a nearby camp. They need them ASAP. So I banged on rugs for several hours yesterday. 

While I was busy with rugs, my mom worked with the kids on weeding flower beds and putting down bark. She called it Landscaping Class. 

And, we had delicious homegrown beef roast for supper. Yum. All in all, a good day.

Oops! Oldest daughter just called from camp. Pink-eye. She needs to be toted into town. Guess I'll do an errand run while I'm at it.


  1. I love the new look of your blog Lona! How did you do it??? I can't find the place on blogspot where it lets you get really creative. I'm glad you're home and had such a good time. How many pair of socks did the farmer knit during last week?

  2. Hi It's EL here (the Canadian that sat behind farmer at the knitting conference) It was nice to meet you farmer & your family! Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I expect to see more socks now!!!

    Happy Farming & of course knitting!!!

  3. Pam, I didn't! It was a free bloggy makeover that I won as a prize (scroll down a few posts for information).

    I don't really know how many pairs of socks The Farmer knitted. I'll have to ask him. To be honest, he was practicing some of the new things he was learning, and so almost all of the socks he knitted were "family" socks, KWIM?

  4. EL, thanks for the kind words. It was nice to meet you, too!

    The Farmer has forgotten your blog address, so if you'd like us to read your blog, you'll have to make it plain somehow.


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