Thursday, July 31, 2008

From One Thing to the Next

Another crop of small grains came off the field this week (remember to enter my giveaway here before Friday--currently Carol is the ONLY grain guesser!).

We baled up a bunch of straw.

We cut a couple more fields of hay.

Straw vs. Hay 101: When grain is harvested the stem of the plant is left behind. This is called straw and has very little nutritional value. It is usually used for bedding. Hay, on the other hand, is grasses and other plants harvested whole for feed. Straw is generally golden colored. Hay is generally green colored. Hay bales are HEAVIER.

We dewormed our sheep. 

We demonstrated weaving, spinning, rug braiding, and sock knitting at our church's annual picnic. Very fun--many of our long-time friends had no idea we were so weird.

And we've had relatives visiting. No time for blogging this week. 

I feel a little like a line worker in a factory who cannot quite keep up with the conveyor and things are spilling off the end faster than I can catch them. 


  1. No matter how many times I explain hay vs. straw to my husband, it never seems to stick.

  2. Well, if he'd like a hands-on lesson, please send him over. He'll remember once he's done it. (insert big evil grin here)


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