Monday, July 7, 2008

Lavender Harvest

I am the keeper of a often-neglected perennial bed. If you came to visit right now, you would be interested to see how tall the lambsquarter and other weeds are. I do know better than to let the weeds get away from me, but once again I am behind. Probably too much blogging, not enough weeding.

However, perennials are absolutely stunning even when slightly neglected. Case in point--my lavender.

See if you can find the bees. They love my lavender, too. 

Bees are very necessary to the life-cycle of plants. Right now we are hosting several hives of honeybees east of one of our pastures. They are between gigs--they're done pollinating the blueberries, and the squash is not quite ready for them yet. We are happy to allow the beekeeper to park his trailer of bees here. I am a bee-lover, but only from a distance. I once suited up and got an up close and personal guided tour. I was glad to see the insides of the hives. I was even more glad to be away from the hives when it was all over. 

Today, before the rain, I spent some time cutting it and hanging the lavender to dry. When it's finished drying, I will strip off the buds/flowers and use them to put in moth-repellent sachets. (Which reminds me, I am completely out of sachets, and need to make more before this Saturday's show. Good thing I have some lavender left over from last year.)


  1. I love lavender, I had some plants, but here in Miami, poor things didn't survive. I need to ask you is the darker lavender in the pic a different plant or does it turn darker as it dries? Yes I know, it must be a duh question, but remember I'm a city kid no idea how it works.

  2. The darker lavender is a different type. It's not a duh question, and at this point if I were really well-versed in lavender I would tell you the different types. (Notice I'm not telling you.) I do have a friend who is so into lavender that she can identify the different ones at sight.

    Not me. :-)

  3. You are a better woman than I, my weeds get away from me all the time. I absolutely LOVE lavendar, and I'm happy that you have some that grows so well, despite a few weeds!

  4. Your lavender is so pretty! Enjoying all the farm photos, also. Hope you have a good turnout on Sat. The sock knitter looks like so much fun. If you figure out a way to transport a loom easily, let me know?


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